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The confused soul.
Deep down in the depths of my broken soul Owen sits. He sits there to remind me that there is someone who can love me and who will stay. Owen shines the light I need to survive, to breath..he shines it so bright that its blinding. But I know he does it to prove to me that he's not leaving. I am confused as to why he sits there. On why he just sits there in my dark, screwed up soul. He is the best thing that's ever happened to me and he is the one who seems to be trying to restore my soul back to new. My father is the one who broke it. He was the one who took it and ripped it to pieces and now Owen is trying to rebuild it. And I love him. I need him. He has proved that he is not leaving me any time soon. How you snuck your way in I don't know but I'm glad you did.
Owen is my forest. He is tall,
strong and the most beautiful thing in my universe. Without him I would not breath, I would not have any will to try. His smile, his laugh is like my sun. It is wh
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The way we end
Have you ever thought that one day..
We will be nothing but a memory?
One day we will no longer be able to hold the ones we love..
We will no longer be able to laugh with our friends..
Life would just simply end..
My question is what happens then?
Our life is just like a story..and this story is important to many..
This 'story' defines us..
Defines everyone in some sort of way,
Some tell a story of  hurt, pain, loss..
Others tell of happiness, friendship, love..
But when we die..
What happens?
Our body will decompose and be violated by bugs..
But what happens to the soul?
The story can't just simply end
It would be one..bad ending
Like BAM!!! I'm dead!! The end!!!
No it can't
How would you want it to end?
***comment below***
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 2 0
*Chapter One:The Lie*
                        *Chapter One:The Lie*
  In the Milky Way, we used to believe we were the only planet with life. The only planet that could hold life. But we were wrong. So wrong to believe our leaders. They told us never to question the rareness of our kind. Our kind was not rare, not as rare as they told us.
  My father told me a story past down in our family. A story so secret that if anyone heard we'd be sent away. The ultimate punishment in my opinion. He told that back when our families elders were younger that there was a man. A man named Xavier Xanax. He was the first man to question the challenge what they were telling us.
  Xavier had seen earth, with a very powerful telescope. He told this to the leaders. Pointed out that they were wrong! Now our leaders don't like being told they our wrong. They were the first ones to come to our planet..the ones gifted with being able to control t
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Stay strong
The feeling is hard to fight,
   The wanting,
      The needing,
         The hoping
            it will stop,
      But it doesnt
         It never will
           There is no cure
                No way out
You fight the darkness
   Trying to get out,
     Into the light,
      But whats the point?
         You find it,
            Then lose it,
 You try to hold on,
    But you slip away,
       And slip away to nothing,
 stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 1 0
Mature content
The Untold :iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 1 0
that house chapter 2
"Your moving?" Mike asks pain filling his words.
" dads work is moving him again.."I reply  trying to keep my cool.Walking up to me Mike puts his arms around my waist.
"I can't lose you,not again Jacob."He says his eyes glistening with tears.
"I'm sorry Mike.Trust me i don't want to lose you either.."I say,trying to contain to tears but failing miserably.Mike lifts a hand up to my face and wipes away the tears.His hand lingers on my face,his warm,soft fingers stroking my cheek lightly.
 I'm not one to cry but Mike and I met last year in Algebra 1,he needed help so our teacher had me be his tutor.The first week or so we would do the work, but after that was done he'd stay and we would talk.We would talk about everything from school,to what we wanted be when we got older.He said he wanted to be a professional baseball player. At the time I wasn't sure what I wanted to be.From that point on we became friends,close friends.THen after the first trimester he surprised me.
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 0 0
I love guys that..
#1 wear just the right amount cologne
#2 knows when somethings wrong and bugs you til you tell them
#3 say just the right things to make you smile
#4 compliments you on the littlest things like you eyes or your smile
#5 can watch little kids shows like dora
#6 are good with kids
#7 make an effort to talk to you
#8 love to cuddle and read together (at the same time)
#9 can keep promises
#10 that will sing and dance in the middle of the store
#11 stand up for you and protect you from harm
#12 kiss your forehead
#13 gives you their coat so you will always feel 'near' them
#14 puts arms around your waist to hold you close
#15 snuggles face into your neck
#16 put their thumbs in their pockets
#17 have a sexy smirk
#18 blush when you tell them how much you love them
#19 love to color (like little kids)
#20 loves to play in snow
#21 will kiss your neck
#22 will do anything to make you theirs
#23 do what ever it takes to keep you
#24 will hold your hand
#25 dont believe wha
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you dont even know
Growing up here isnt exactly perfect. Its cool for some people but when your me, and you have to take care of everything, it isnt the dream. My step mom is a lazy bitch who uses me as her slave. My dad works long hours and seem to barely be home. Not that i mind, i need a break from the fighting and arguing. Sleep is important here. In the early mornings I get up get dressed and do the normal human needs but then i also have to get the dogs outside make sure they have food and make sure the water is clean.
I dont complain though. Complaining shows weakness, weakness means more work.Throughout the years you get used to the yelling and the normal rude comments, at least I have.
"hurry up and bring me my tea!! You worthless brat!!" yells my step mom from the living room.
Reaching in the fridge to get the tea I see a chocolate bar with a sticky note that has my name on it. Smiling to myself i grab the chocolate bar and put it in my pocket for later.
"Heres your tea.." i say handing her the
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 2 0
To My Dear Kiwi
I love you so much kiwi. your my world as i have told you before. i am the luckiest person on earth to have found someone perfect as you. even though you dont think your perfect but you are you are gorgeous your funny and caring and lovable and you always have a way to make me happy and i love how you always try to make me seem better than you when we both know your better,way better.
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 1 4
Christmas party
"Here's your ring sir." Says the lady at the jewelry store.
"Oh thanks for making the ring!!" I say in a very upbeat mood.
Today is the day I am gonna ask him. The day I am going to tell him how much I loved him and how much I need him in my life.
"You know I am in total support of gay rights. I believe that if you guys are in love then by all means get married!! Hope he says yes!!" She says a bright smile on her face.
"Thanks you I hope he says yes too hehehe!!" I say taking the ring and walking out into the cold night.
Tonight Kyo asked me to go with him to a Christmas party that him and his family are goin to. Of course as soon as i found out he would be in a tux i said yes. I have to say that man is gorgeous in a tux. The tux my brother got me to wear is a hot pink with a purple rose and a black shirt to match Kyos' purple one.
The ring I got Kyo is black with silver that swirls around the ring. Its got three diamond that form a triangle. On the inside of the ring I had them engrav
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 3 9
such a monster
The deafening silence kills me slowly.
Piercing the heart,making it shatter and bleed.
You watch in comfort, a smile upon your face.
As you watch the others drown in their own sorrow filled pain.
Smirking you enjoy the cries for help the need for comfort but do nothing to stop either.
You truly are a monster...
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 2 0
Have you??
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly,
 To soar above everyone else,
  To see them watch you in amazement,
   To know no one can catch you,
     No one can hurt you?
      Have you ever wanted to feel the breeze through your hair,
       To see the world from a whole different view,
        To fly through the sky,
         Above the clouds?
          To see the the mountain tops,
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like..
 To watch the sun set,
  To see the sky turn to fire,
   To watch as our light disappears and the darkness rises,
    Wouldnt it be wonderful,
     To lay with your lover,
      And watch as the stars appear high above your heads,
       To count the many stars that shine and glimmer,
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 3 0
the loneliness
Have you ever had that someone,
That makes you feel so loved,
Then one day they're gone,
Leaving you all alone,
In pain,
Sad and suffering,
What is left,
How are you supposed to move on knowing they have someone,
How are you supposed to find someone new when all that comes to mind is their image,
When all you can think of is those times you spent together,
The times when you laid together,
Cuddling close,
Saying the sweetest things to each other,
You lay awake at night thinking abiut them,
Missing there presence and their embrace,
Wanting to feel their arms around you as they kiss you softly,
Why do people tell you its time to move on
To find someone new,
Dont they know it hurts,
Dont they know you try every day to move on,
To find someone new,
But no one will ever replace them,
No one will make you feel the way they did,
You cant replace a love like that,
You cant give up something that was so important and meaningful,
No matter how hard you try,
They will always be in the back of you
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 3 22
tick tock
Tick tock,tick tock,tick tock,
a clock sings its rhythmic song,
tap tap tap tap,tap tap tap tap,
a kid in the back plays along,
yoou play with your zipper to the beat that has formed,
even the teacher joins the beat you now play
this is what happens at the end of the day,
one by one,
the beat begins
a rhythmic beat formed,
by a group of friends,
kids stand on  tables
some sit on chairs
time flies by to quickly
no ones a where
(wouldnt it be awesome if this is how classes were?)
:iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 1 4
that house chapter 1
"I'm sorry son but we have to move."Says my dad.
"They cant find you a different position?"Replies my brother.
When we moved here,my dad promised us we would stay,and now,here we are,being told we;re moving,again.I actually put effort into this year,made friends and even liked someone,and now hes moving us.
"Dad,you promised,you said no more moving.."I say looking at the ground not wanting to make eye contact with him.
"I know,and I'm sorry,but they need me down there and i need this job."He replies coolly.
"Whatever dad.."I say walking out of the living room.
Again,we're moving again!I cant believe it.I actually thought we were going to stay...but I should of known better than to believe my dad.I made friends,people who know me..the actual me.My brother is the only one in my family that knows.
As I walk into my room I get a feeling that somethings off.A cold breeze hits me,slowly I turn to my window to see that its open.
"That is strange I know this was closed when I left.."I mumble t
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depression by charlie-the-unicorn3 depression :iconcharlie-the-unicorn3:charlie-the-unicorn3 0 4


drarry- by chouette-e drarry- :iconchouette-e:chouette-e 541 24
My first Drarry, please dont kill me! I love youuuuu <3
I couldn't like a little prat like him. Never! It was bad enough I was gay. No one knew though, mother and father would never accept it. But he was the Chosen One. The Boy Who freakin Lived for merlins sake! And now that crackpot Dumbledore has us sharing dorms for "house unity"! Slytherin and Gryffindor  have never gotten along, and we never will.
"So 'Dray' how's it goin?" the Weasel said as I unpacked. He ducked as I tried to hit him. Malfoys had never  been good at physical combat, that was muggle stuff. We did, however, excel in magic.
"Ron leave him alone, I don't want him hexing us the first night we have together." a tired and very sexy looking Harry said from his Gryffindor adorned bed.
"Fine Harry. Blaise, please don't touch me in any way tonight ok?" Ron said to Blaise, the other Slytherin in our dorm room. Blaise was openly gay,
:iconwajacrazy:wajacrazy 296 138
Draco laid on his bed staring at the ceiling. His feet dangling over the edge of bed which was dressed in black sheets. The only thing on his mind was what had just accrued.
"Draco?" Potter had spotted him walking around the halls after curfew.
"Potter why are you out at this time of night?"
"Shouldn't I be asking you the same, and if you must know I was taking a walk to help me sleep and you were doing what may I ask?"
Draco really wasn't sure why he was out of bed. He just thought that it was right to be out here. Suddenly they heard footsteps climbing the stairs. "Shit!" Draco mumbled. Quickly he grabbed Potter's hand and pulled him into the broom closet.
"Malf –"Draco placed his hand over Harry's mouth. Harry could feel Draco's strong arms press up against his. He felt warm and safe. Harry liked that feeling he never wanted it to end. Potters soft lips rubbed against Draco's hand. Draco then tensed up as he felt Potter lick his lips. Malfoy turned Potter around and looked in t
:iconjustanothermudblood:JustAnotherMudblood 236 51
Tessellate by SorceryKid Tessellate :iconsorcerykid:SorceryKid 32 20 KantJere: I Love Watching You Sleep by KantJere
Mature content
KantJere: I Love Watching You Sleep :iconkantjere:KantJere 19 5
Relaxing: Shion and Saphonia by CloudSeph Relaxing: Shion and Saphonia :iconcloudseph:CloudSeph 44 57 I Will Devour You... by Pryate I Will Devour You... :iconpryate:Pryate 500 102
Mature content
Monster Love Story part 2 -Yaoi- :iconelectric-rainbow93:Electric-Rainbow93 11 21
Mature content
The pet :icondarksidermonents:darksidermonents 15 20
Mature content
Amethyst :icondarksidermonents:darksidermonents 27 8
Under the Dinning Room Table by Scootie-chan
Mature content
Under the Dinning Room Table :iconscootie-chan:Scootie-chan 33 49
Mature content
Reprisoned [Part 1] :iconehxkor:EHXKOR 18 24
All I want by Mattchibi All I want :iconmattchibi:Mattchibi 30 18
Excuse me, do you have a moment?
Dear you,
Yes you. The one who calls me disgusting. Unnatural. Immoral. Fag.
You. The one who hides behind that sad excuse of religion, hiding behind a wall of words never told.
You. The one calling it phobia, as if you're actually scared.
You. The one who thinks I'm experimenting, I'm trying out, that I'm just playing.
You. The one who pushes me into lockers and down to the ground.
You. The one who calls my parents to remind them of their mistake, as if it's their fault.
You. The one who used to claim to be my best friend, and can't even look at me anymore.
You. The one who knows I'm going to hell, and that I deserve no better.
You. The one who claims I have sinned, that I deserve to be punished - dead.
You. The one who wants me to get treatment, who believes I can be cured.
You. The one who believes I choose this, a life of hate and rejection.
You. The one who is sure I just lust, that I can never love.
You. The one who refuses to touch me, because of course, it's a curse that could
:iconnoxiousmyth:noxiousmyth 38 59
Do It Now, Remember It Later by Mattchibi Do It Now, Remember It Later :iconmattchibi:Mattchibi 35 28



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Lately I have been busy. Doing work. Writing. Having writers block. Depression. and being bored and my tablet is dumb sometimes. But I will try to come on as much as I can and don't be too mad I'm at least writing. And I have been reading to improve my writing skills and to study other writers skills. It helps..and i love reading.

Anyways I have to go now..I'll try to come on more often hehehe bye love all yew wonderful people!!!
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Okay let me tell you this,if you are a hater..please..don't bother me.I write poems and prose mainly fiction.I write short and long stories,just depends on how much time i have.Favorites are well appreciated.Sorry if my spelling problems bother you and if my punctuation bothers you.

I can be really fun but if you make me mad...well just don't make me mad and you don't have to worry about what happens.

hopee you enjoy ;P ;P


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